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Dean's message

간호대 학장 강문희

Welcome to College of Nursing, Chungnam National University!

Our nursing program has been established in 1970, and was promoted to College of Nursing in 2009. Based on humanism and holism, the College of Nursing endeavors to prepare our undergraduate and graduate students to be a global leader who contributes to the health promotion of people in the nation and the global village through nursing practice, education, and research.

The CNU College of Nursing programs are home to some of the top programs in the nation. Our undergraduate Program is fully accredited by the Commission on Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education recognized by the Korean government. Our Research Institute of Nursing Science, BLS and Simulation Center along with various education and research centers are providing excellent programs in research and education.

The faculty members in College of Nursing have a great pride and passion in the outstanding research achievements, educational excellence, and evidence based practice through undergraduate and graduate nursing education programs. As a result our college got funded for BK21 FOUR project from 2020 to 2028 to support full-time graduate students to achieve competencies in research and education. All of our nursing graduates are working at various health care settings nationally and internationally.

The faculties, undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni of College of Nursing will do every effort to be a world-class College of Nursing.

Dean and Professor of College of Nursing

Moonhee Gang, RN, PhD, PMHNP