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Education and Research Center for Chronic Disease Management (ERC-CDM)


The ERC-CDM is to provide education program and clinical/community-based research to discover, apply and translate nursing science about chronic diseases such as diabetes and its complications, to improve health and wellness. 

Major research grants

  • Development and evaluation of Korean version of psychological insulin resistance (The National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) grant)
  • Development and application of customized health assessment tools in person with brain and physical disability (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
  • Development of home-based service rehabilitation model applicable to Korea (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
  • Community-based hypertension and diabetes management program: Sejong-city (Korea-CDC)
  • Development and Application of the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) & the sequential, multiple assignment, randomized trial (SMART) design for Diabetes Self-Care Management
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